Sunday-The Influence of Leaders

The Influence of Leaders

All through the Bible, we can find examples of leadership, both good and bad, and sometimes even a mixture of both. Bad leaders, at times, have done some good things, while good leaders, at times, have done some bad things. After all, all leaders are human beings and, as such, are capable of both good and evil, of doing right and wrong. Who hasn’t experienced this reality in their own lives?

The problem, however, is that when you are a leader, you exert great influence, either for good or bad. It’s bad enough to be a negative influence in your own home or workplace, or wherever your presence is felt. But when you are in a leadership position, be it spiritual, political, or both, the influence is greatly multiplied. How crucial then that, in whatever your role, but especially as a leader, you reflect the principles and teachings of Scripture.

Look up the following texts. What kind of examples of leadership do we find there? If good, explain why it was good. If bad, explain why it was bad.

Though just a smattering, what lessons can we take away from these stories about what makes good and bad leadership, and how can we apply what we learn to ourselves in whatever roles we are in?

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