Monday The Rhythms of Life

Monday The Rhythms of Life
Date 30-03-2019 Category: Sabbath School Lesson

Monday The Rhythms of Life

Scientists talk about something called circadian rhythms, the idea that there are biological rhythms (sometimes called “body clocks”) that regulate function in our bodies. In other words, a certain degree of regularity exists even within our bodies themselves. Hence, to some degree, rhythms exist all around and even in us.

What are the predictable seasons of life mentioned in the following passages of Scripture, and how do they directly tie into family life?

Eccles. 3:2

Gen. 21:8Judg. 13:24

Ps. 71:5Prov. 5:18

Gen. 15:15Judg. 8:32

Ps. 90:10

Between the two bookends of life, birth and death, we all go through a variety of seasons, different for each individual. Some children don’t live long after their birth; others grow into adults who live to a ripe old age. Children grow and develop at their own rate. Some walk or talk sooner than others. Some will be able to attend school and grow up to be professionals, while others will devote their time to other forms of work. Some will have families, and others may never marry or have children.

There are billions of people on earth, and though we all have much in common (see Acts 17:26), each one of us is an individual, and thus, differences will exist in each one of our lives.

In a sense, too, these differences are important because they make each one of us unique, which means each one of us has something to share that others don’t have. In short, our differences allow us to be a blessing to others. For instance, both young and old can benefit from what each offers the other: “The glory of young men is their strength, and the splendor of old men is their gray head” (Prov. 20:29, NKJV). Whatever stage we are in, and no matter our differences, we all have something to offer, not just to the Lord, but to each other, as well.

Whatever your life circumstances happen to be right now, what can you do to be a blessing to someone else? Why not make a conscious effort to be that blessing, especially to someone in your family?